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GUIDE: Whoever has issues getting the driver for new Xbox One Wireless Controller Adapter for Windows 10 This guide is for people that can't get Win10 to automatically find the correct driver for their Wireless Adapter. Xbox 360 Controller Driver not Working – How to Fix. If you are a professional gamer and play high end games on your Windows 10 PC or laptop then this article will help you.

Once upon a time, Microsoft didn't support its own controllers on its own PC platform. You needed hacked drivers and workarounds to use the excellent Xbox One controller with PC games. That's no longer the case, with official drivers built right into Windows 10. So, while it's easy to do, there's more to it than just plugging it in. Here's a complete guide.

Products used in this guide

  • The controller: Xbox One controller ($47)
  • The cable: Anker micro USB cable ($11)
  • Going wireless: Xbox Wireless Adapter ($23)
  • For USB-C PCs: AmazonBasics USB-C adapter ($9)
  • The app: Xbox Accessories for Windows 10 (Free)

How to use a micro USB cable with the Xbox One controller

By far the simplest way to use an Xbox One controller is to use a micro USB cable. Attach to the connector on your controller and any free USB port on your PC, and it'll automatically recognize it's there and you're good to go.

Any decent cable will do the trick, even the one that you use to charge your phone.

However, it's not just desktop PCs that you can use an Xbox One controller with. It's perfectly possible to use it with a tablet or laptop, and in those cases, you may only have USB-C connectors available.

Microsoft xbox one controller driver

The easiest thing to do is get a USB-C to USB-A dongle, allowing you to use a regular micro USB cable through the USB-C connector on your laptop or tablet.

The Xbox Wireless Adapter

Microsoft also has an official wireless dongle for Windows PCs that allows you to go wire free. The first-generation controller and the Xbox Elite controller don't support Bluetooth, so to go wireless on your PC you'll need the dongle.

It isn't expensive, and the redesigned model is much smaller than the original. Simply plug it in to your PC and connect your controller to is as you would the Xbox One, by holding down the pairing button on the top.

The Bluetooth controller

The current generation Xbox One controller from Microsoft supports Bluetooth. Any currently on sale, or that came with the Xbox One S or Xbox One X have Bluetooth capabilites. That means you can connect it to any Windows PC, laptop, or tablet that has Bluetooth built in.

  1. Open settings on your PC.
  2. Go to devices.
  3. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on.
  4. Turn on the controller by pressing the large round X button.
  5. Click on the controller in your discovered devices to pair.

This is particularly handy if you're taking a controller on the road with you and your laptop. One less cable to pack!

Taking advantage of the Xbox Accessories app

This is particularly handy if you're using an Xbox Elite Controller, as the Xbox Accessories app allows you to customize the buttons and paddles to a layout of your choice.

It's in the Windows Store to download to your PC, all you need to do is connect the controller to the PC to get started. There's a bunch of things you can do to customize your controller for your favorite games, and you can save two profiles to the Elite Controller at any one time.

All the gear you need

Exactly which piece of equipment you need will depend on which controller you want to use with which type of Windows PC. The list below covers off everything you might need to get your hands on.

Xbox One Controller($47 at Amazon)

The Xbox One Controller is officially supported by Windows 10, and it's also the best around!

Anker micro USB cable($11 at Amazon)

This braided cable from Anker is reliable, braided for durability and plenty long enough to reach your gaming PC.

Xbox Wireless Adapter($23 at Amazon)

The official wireless adapter from Microsoft, this is what you need if you're using an Elite or first-gen controller to go wire-free.

AmazonBasics USB-C adapter($9 at Amazon)

For laptops and tablets without regular USB ports, pop this into the USB-C connector and use a regular micro USB cable with your controller.

Xbox Accessories app(Free at Microsoft)

Particularly useful for Elite Controller owners, this app allows you to customize button layouts, paddles and save your favorite profiles for easy use.

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Microsoft has made good on its promise to release PC drivers for the Xbox One controller.

The drivers are currently available through the Major Nelson blog, but will be part of a Windows update in the near future. They allow users to plug in the Xbox One controller via MicroUSB, and play any game that had supported the Xbox 360 controller previously.

The use of MicroUSB is big improvement over the wireless Xbox 360 controller, which doesn't support a wired connection to the PC. To use an Xbox 360 controller with a PC, users either had to purchase a separate wireless dongle or a separate wired controller.

With the new drivers, Microsoft is extending the usefulness of the Xbox One controller, while also establishing it as the de facto standard for gamepad support on PCs. Although Sony's Playstation 4 controller already supports the PC, it requires some extra steps to activate, as Sony hasn't released official drivers.

The only bad news is that there's still no way to wirelessly connect an Xbox One controller to the PC. In March, Xbox Director of Product Planning Albert Penello said Microsoft was still determining whether a wireless connection would be possible.

Xbox One Pc Controller Driver Error Codes

Microsoft is also giving some love to Xbox One owners, with a software update that unlocks additional GPU bandwidth for developers.

Xbox One Pc Controller Driver Error Codes

This GPU boost, however, is tied to the unbundling of Kinect from the Xbox One console. “Yes, the additional resources allow access to up to 10 percent additional GPU performance,” a Microsoft representative told Eurogamer, when asked if ditching Kinect freed up more GPU bandwidth. That may explain why Microsoft was reluctant to unbundle its motion-sensing peripheral to begin with; if developers can unlock more resources by ignoring Kinect, they may have even less incentive to support it in their games.

Xbox One Pc Controller Support

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